Rugby introduction training sessions: 28/09 and 05/10

Rugbyteam ‘The Midgets’ present their introduction training sessions on the 28th of September and the 5th of October.

Join the introduction sessions and learn the principles of this challenging sport.
Do you want more? Join these training session for free during the whole academic year with Sportsticker.

When? 28/09 and 5/10 from 20h until 23h
Where? Wilrijkse Pleinen
Who? Everybody with Sportsticker (or UA Plus Pass)

After practice there will be te possibility to drink a beer (or two) at the cafeteria!


European Week of Sport

The European Week of Sport has officially started!

With this initiative the European Commission wants to bring forward the interest of sport. Why? Sport is fun. It helps us keep healthy and feel better about ourselves. And it brings people from different backgrounds and cultures together. That is why sport and physical activity are vital in promoting values like respect and fair play. Above all, sport helps to create friendships and build communities.

To motivate as much individuals as possible to get active, the European Commission launched the ‘Call for Action’. Registrate and fill in your sport resolution at the website! Convince your friends an #BeActive!

Thank you, teachers!

Now the Sportsticker season 2014 – 2015 ended, we would like to thank all our teachers for their effort and dedication week after week!

Do you have experience in a specific discipline and are you interested in making a contribution to the Sportsticker program? Send your motivation and CV to and maybe next year you belong to our Sportstickerfamily!


Play Kubb or Urban Golf during summer vacation

Even during the summer vacation you can play Kubb and/or Urban Golf!

At following locations you can borrow a Kubb-set:

  • Commissariaat voor de Sport, Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerp
  • KdG STUVO, Gemeentestraat 6, 2060 Antwerp
  • STUVO AP, Mutsaardstraat 29, 2000 Antwerp
  • ITG student service, Sint Rochusstraat 43, 2000 Antwerp
  • HZS STUVO, Noordkasteel Oost 6, 2030 Antwerp
  • STIP Thomas More, Kronenburgstraat 56-68, 2000 Antwerp

At following locations you can borrow an Urban Golf-set:

  • KdG STUVO, Gemeentestraat 6, 2060 Antwerp
  • UA City Campus, Grote Kauwenberg 2, 2000 Antwerp

To borrow the games you need a valid Sportsticker or UAntwerpen Plus Pass.
Hand in your student card as warrant.

Attention! Check the opening hours in advance, during summer vacation these are sometimes different from the normal regulations.

Have fun!


Rent a court for free with Sportsticker

Even during summer vacation it is possible to exercise for free with Sportsticker:

The sports hall at UAntwerpen Middelheimcampus is available during the summer months. Make an appointment by phone via 03 230 14 18. You can rent the court for free every weekday before 18h.

Attention! It’s only possible to reserve the sports hall maximum 7 days in advance en maximum one time a week. Every participant has to own a valid Sportsticker.