For the moment it is possible to practice sport, whether it is in an organized or non-organized context. Sport Vlaanderen has drawn up a number of rules of behavior, which form the guideline for the Plus Pass sports program. Participants who do not comply with the measures are asked to leave the sports location. In the event of repeated incidents, the Plus Pass will be blocked.


  • It is not possible to practice contact sports indoor (from 14 Oct).
  • It is mandatory to register in advance online.
  • Sign out in advance if you can’t make it (through the reservation tool).
  • If you don’t show up twice, your account will be blocked for a month.
  • Always keep 1,50m distance (except during contact sport).
  • Always wear your mouth mask until you start practicing sport.
  • Wash your hands before and after every session.
  • Showers and dressing rooms stay closed.
  • You may only enter the sports hall/field after the previous group has left the court/field.
  • ALWAYS scan the QR-code with the Plus Pass App before entering the sports hall/field (registration is mandatory by law).
  • Disinfect your own material after every sport session.
  • Feel sick? Stay home!


Apply to our recreational and competitive sports program:

  • Contact sport indoor is not permitted, only non-contact sport is allowed (from 14 Oct).
  • Contact sport outdoor is permitted.
  • Participating in sports is permitted with a limitation of 50 people.
  • Specific rules swimming pool: max. 7 people/lane and it is forbidden to pass an other swimmer.


Apply to when you make a reservation at one of our sport venues:

  • It is allowed to play table tennis, badminton and tennis (solo).