1 July: start sales of the Sportsticker 2020-21

The academic year is coming to an end.  It was an eventful year where we started off with a extensive sports program and ended with a completely new online sports offer. Because of the changing Covid-19 measures, we have prepared three possible scenarios for the next academic year.

Students, staff of the University of Antwerp (+alumni), AP University College, AMS and Linguapolis who own an UAntwerpen Plus Pass are aloud to participate in the complete Sportsticker programas well as the University of Antwerp sports and event program. More information at www.uantwerpenplus.be.

The Sportsticker is only available for students and staff members of the Karel de Grote University College, the Antwep Maritime Academy, ITG and KULeuven Antwerp.

What to expect:

  • Price: € 18 for students and € 25 for staff. Most Flemish Health Care Insurances reimburse (€ 10 – € 25) your subscription fee. Fill in the form delivered together with your Sportsticker and submit it to your Health Care Insurance.
  • As from the 28th of September you can access the complete sports program: live/online group lessons (yoga, BBB, taebo, fatburner, …) and ASL/e-sports competitions (Basketball, soccer, futsal, volleyball, …).
  • Discount for Fitness / Antwerp 10 miles / climbing / tennis / karate /…  .  Click here for an overview of the different fitness centers and partners you can already visit during the summer.
  • Free use of venue (if allowed by the Covid-19 measures)
  • Free vouchers for one swimming and two fitness sessions.
  • Free tickets for sport events (if possible with Covid-19 measures)
  • Completely new access control system through an application on your smartphone.

Attention: If you unsubscribe from your study program during the academic year, your Sportsticker will remain valid but you will no longer be insured.