In the picture – Self Defence

Have you had a nasty experience on the street or are you unsure? What do you do best when someone grabs you or is aggressive? What is the best way to deal with this and what are the pitfalls? Every week a concrete situation is examined in this self-defense course. Through exercises we work on concentration, alertness, breathing and relaxation. Each training course stands on its own and you don’t need any prior knowledge.


Practical information Sports hall Rodestraat
Location: Rodestraat 16, 2000 Antwerp
When: Every Monday between 30/09/’19 – 20/12/’19 and 10/02/’20 – 15/05/’20 (excl. 11/11/’19, 06/04/’20 & 13/04/’20)
Time: 19:00h – 21:00h


Practical information KdG Campus Zuid
Location: Brusselstraat 45, 2018 Antwerp
When: Every Thursday between 30/09/’19 – 20/12/’19 and 27/01/’20 – 15/05/’20 (excl. 31/10/’19, 27/02/’20, 9/04/’20 en 16/04/’20)
Time: 18:00h – 19:00h