StuDay 2019

Hands in the air or just chilling in between the yellow cranes? You name it, we’ve got it!

Let’s shake that booty! StuDay has pretty much become the ultimate reference among students at the beginning of the academic year. Every last Thursday in September, we’re grabbing Spoor Oost, a cool industrial site with a touch of green, and kicking off the new academic year with a whopping opening party. Sun-kissed, with tons of holiday stories and a whole bunch of expectations for the new year. Don’t share your stories online, but live

in the chill zone. Enjoy the last warm sunrays while hugging your friends again with a plastic cup of beer in your hand. The sharing dishes will make your mouth water, while the new faces might send you into flirty mode. All this against a backdrop of funky beats by live bands and an innovative programme full of sports, culture and lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this yearly festive highlight!

Be Fair. Play Hard.

Join us at the Sportzone!

14:30u – 17:30u: StuDay Sports Throphy
18:00u – 20:00u: Open for everybody!

Practical information
Thursday 26 September 2019
1.30- 10 pm
Spoor Oost – Antwerpen

Free and for grabs

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