Closed: Subscriptions ASL Football 2020-21 open until July 1st!


The subscriptions for the competition ASL Voetbal 2020-21 are still open until Wednesday July 1st, 12:00h.

You can enroll your students club officially through this link. Data can be changed afterwards. Filled out the form? Congrats, your team will be registered for the competition 2020-21!
Still want to join the competition after the 1st of July? Send an e-mail to!


The draw for the group stage will take place at the beginning of July and will be hosted by the UA Sportraad and a legend in the Antwerp soccer history. Our special guest has played for Beerschot, but won all red-white hearts during his period with Antwerp FC. He scored 83 goals in 153 official competition games between 1999 and 2004.


Here below, you will find an overview of all students clubs who have send their subscription successfully until now. The current classification is based on the Ranking ASL Football of the students clubs, published on the 1st of June*:

Bowl 1: Wikings-NSK, Magistra, Absoc and De Boechoutse

Bowl 2: Kinesia, KDA + Biomedica + Demetris, Hermes and Sofia

Bowl 3: Vulcanis, Aesculapia + UFKA, Ingenium and PSW

Bowl 4: Andoverpia (with reservation), De Chips + Habes, Argonaut and AYO

Bowl 5: Eligia, Translatio + Prisma + Nucleo, Omnes and Brabo + Socio + Transfusia

Bowl 6: Dyonisos, Ichtus + Tridamos and DIEFKA + Fabiant + WINAK

Bowl 7: ESN + MODULOR + AntwerpMUN, ELSA + Capitant and Calesa

Bowl 8: KdG Explorers Club, Socio Economica + Lingua + Mythica and Fenrir + Creatica


*The classification might still change, depending on whether other teams will subscribe or not!

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