Can I still buy a Sportsticker?

The sale of the Sportsticker will remain open. As soon as you purchase your Sportsticker online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can join our (online) sports offer. The letter will be send at a later time (tba).


With a SPORTSTICKER OR UA PLUS PASS you can access the complete sports program for the Antwerp students. This offer is mainly free, if not, at very low student rates.


  • Register:
    – Students / Staff of Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Institute of Tropical Medicine and KUL Antwerp click here.
    – Students / Staff of University Antwerp (+alumni),  Artesis Plantijn University College, AMS and Linguapolis go to
  • Pay online.
  • Wait. It can take several days to process your request.
  • Get your Sportsticker delivered to your home adress and start participating in the sports program.
  • Request a refund from your health insurance (€12 – €25). The right form will be sent with your Sportsticker.


  • Group sessions: BBB, taebo, fatburner, strength & cardio, yoga, …
  • Weekly training: basketball, futsal, hockey, volleyball, …
  • Free venue use
  • Antwerp Students League (basketball, soccer, futsal, volleyball)
  • Start 2 Run

Take a look at our complete sports program.


  • Fitness / Antwerp 10 miles / climbing / tennis / karate


  • Free vouchers for one swimming and two fitness sessions.
  • Free tickets sport events


The Sportsticker is only available for students and staff members of the University colleges of the Antwerp University Association (KdG & HZS) and ITG & KUL Antwerp.

Students, staff of the University of Antwerp (+alumni), Artesis Plantijn University College, AMS and Linguapolis in possession of an UA Plus Pass are aloud to participate in the complete Sportsticker program. More information at

Attention: If you unsubscribe from your study program during the academic year, your Sporsticker will remain valid but you will no longer be insured.


€ 18 for students
€ 25 for staff

Most Flemish Health Insurance Agencies refund (€ 15 – € 25) your subscription fee. Fill in the form delivered together with your Sportsticker and submit it to your Health Insurance Agency.