Antwerpen Aikikai-Mortsel
Aikido is a martial art sports where you will learn multiple ways to neutralize your opponent by clutching, trowing and immobilizing techniques. Aikido is a life vision that will help you self develop by focussing on self-control. It is fluent, dynamic and graceful yet powerful and efficient. For more information, go to the website of Antwerpen Aikikai-Mortsel.
Students* with a Sportsticker get a nice discount:

  • €208/year(all training sessions, sportsinsurance included)
  •  €70/card(10 times, sportsinsurance included)

* This discount is only for students, not for employees

Students with a Sportsticker have the right to use two free try-outs.

– Monday 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm: Mixed level
– Thursday 8 pm – 10 pm*: Mixed level
– Saturday 10 am – 12 am*: Mixed level

*The training is 2 hours, but you can sart later or stop earlier

Amadeus Stockmanslei 121
2640 Mortsel