Training sessions

Tuesday (Running Club Sportsticker)
1st sem: 02/10/’18 until 18/12/’18 (except for 30/10/’18)
2nd sem: 12/02/’19 until 14/05/’19 (except for 09/04/’19 and 16/04/’19)
7 pm – 8 pm
Meeting point: UA City Campus
Break the week with a strong dose of running. During the second semester, you will be trained to run the 5K or 10Miles in April. Our running coach Nick is always willing to provide you with extra tips and guidance to run even faster! Don’t be bothered by low temperatures or a bit of rain! Changing rooms and showers are available at the UA City Campus.
To keep up to date with the last new facts and extra (free) training sessions, you can always join the team at the Running Club Sportsticker Facebookpagina.
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Thursday (Start2Run)
1st sem: 04/10/’18 until 20/12/’18 (except for 01/11/’18)
2nd sem: 31/01/’19 until 16/05/’19 (except for 07/03/’19, 11/04/’19 and 18/04/’19)
12:30 am – 1 pm
Verzamelplaats: KdG Campus Zuid – Onthaal
Start to run! Keep your body fit and active. With the right running plans you can build up your condition and run faster en longer.

During the second semester, you will be coached to run the most famous running event of Belgium: the Ten Miles (or 5K)!

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Antwerp 10 miles
Sunday 29/04/2019

  • 9 am: AG Antwerp Marathon
  • 12 am: AG Antwerp Short Run 5K
  • 2:30 pm: AG Antwerp 10 Miles (3 waves: 2:30 pm – 3 pm – 3:30 pm)

Linkeroever: start
Parcours: Antwerp and districts
During this running event of the year, we ensure your registration for the Antwerp Ten Miles at a student reduction rate. Next to the reduced prices Sportsticker offers extra services, such as a free cloakroom and a cool T-shirt!

More information will be anounced around December ’18 – January ’19

Ten Hours Run
Date: more information soon
12 am – 10 pm
MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom)
During the annual Ten Hours Run, students will compete for the title of fastest student society of the city. This event will take place at a beautiful location, next to the MAS. Subscription in advance is mandatory in name of your student society. Runners are able to join their prefered team at the event. Participation is free for everyone. More information will follow in March 2019.
Free for alle students

BUSF competition
Contact the high level sports coordinator of your institution if you want to participate in the BUSF athletics indoor competition (date to be determined) or athletics outdoor competition on 01/05/2017.