The ASL Badminton competition is a mixed competition in which teams of 2 players compete against each other. The competition is played during both the first and second semesters. To determine the overall winner, the winner from the first semester plays against the winner from the second semester on the ASL Indoor Final Day. Both student clubs and friend teams compete for the title(s).


Registrations for ASL Badminton – 2nd semester are opened from 11/01/2023 until 22/02/2023. Register through this link. 

After the subscriptions are closed, you will receive an e-mail with the information about your opponents during the group stage. You will arrange a date, time and location for your game with your opponents yourself. This way, you are able to create your own calendar. The games of the group stage have to be played before a certain deadline. The same procedure applies for the knock-out phase.

  • Begin competition: 27/02/2023
  • End groupsfase: 04/05/2023
  • Semi final: 10/05/2023
  • Finals: 16/05/2023



Matches will be played at a location of your choice, in consultation with your opponent(s). Possible locations:

UAntwerp City Campus
Grote Kauwenberg 2
2020 Antwerp

UAntwerp Middelheim
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerp

KdG Sportshall Campus South
Brusselstraat 45
2018 Antwerp

Topsportschool Wilrijk (Fort VI)
Edegemsestraat 100
2610 Wilrijk


Matches will be played at a time of your choice, in consultation with your opponent(s).


  • 1st semester: 03/10/’22 – 24/12/’22
  • 2nd semester: 13/02/’23 – 19/05/’23

Please note: Schedule may vary according to school vacations and public holidays. Please check the sports schedule.