July 1, 2021: Start sales of the Sportsticker 2021-2022

The academic year 2021-2022 is coming to an end! Are you also looking forward to begin with a fresh start, full of new opportunities?
Starting July 1, 2021, you can purchase a new Sportsticker 2021-2022 to participate in countless fun sports activities.

It is not yet possible to predict how academic year 2021-2022 will turn out due to the changing Covid-19 measures. Therefore, be sure to take a look at our three scenarios we have prepared for you.

Important: As of Friday, 25/06/2021, you will not be able to purchase a Sportsticker 2020-2021. On Thursday, July 1, we will go online again with Sportsticker 2021-2022. Please note that the Sportsticker 2020-2021 expires on June 30th. If you still want to apply for a season ticket with a sports partner, it is best to do this on June 29 at the latest!

For who?

Students and staff members of the Karel de Grote University College, the Antwep Maritime Academy, ITG, KULeuven Antwerp and Thomas More Antwerp can buy a Sportsticker*.

  • Students: €18
  • Staff: €25

Students, staff of the University of Antwerp (+alumni), AP University College, Antwerp Management School and Linguapolis who own an UAntwerpen Plus Pass are  to buy MOVE* and have access to the complete Sportstickerprogram, as well as the University of Antwerp sports- and culture program. More information at https://uantwerpenplus.be/en/move-from-july-1/.

* When you purchase a Sportsticker or MOVE, you will also receive a form with which you can recuperate €10 to €25 through your health insurance.

What to expect?

  • Access the complete sports program.
  • Discount at several sportpartners, f.e. fitnesscentra and sportclubs/accomodations. Click here for a list of fitness centers and partners where you can already go this summer.
  • Free participation in our own live/online sportactivities with various group classes such as BBB, taebo, fatburner, strength & conditioning and yoga.
  • Weekly training sessions such as basketball, indoor soccer and volleyball
  • Access to the various Antwerp Students League competitions.
  • Free use of sports halls at certain times or reservation at low prices.
  • Free vouchers for one swimming and two fitness sessions.
  • Completely new access control system through an application on your smartphone.


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Attention: If you unsubscribe from your study program during the academic year, your Sportsticker will remain valid but you will no longer be insured.