Sports program from 24 October

Starting from the 24th of October, new changes will be applied in our weekly sports program due to the new corona measures (announced on Friday the 16th and 23th of October).


  • The sports hall of KdG Campus Zuid will be closed, all group sessions are canceled at this location.
  • More group sessions will take place in the sports hall of the City Campus.
  • The online (live stream) group sessions will multiply.
  • All Antwerp Students League competitions  – football, badminton & table tennis – will be postponed for min. four weeks.
  • ASL Chess will be held online.

You can find an up-to-date overview of our sports program on “Overview Weekly Program“.


It is still mandatory to make a reservation in advanced through our online reservation tool.

Make sure when you make a reservation for a badminton and/or tennis court that your opponent makes a reservation as well! One courts means two spots: one for you and one for your opponent.