With a Sportsticker or MOVE you can access the complete sports program for the Antwerp students. This program is mainly free, if not, at very low student rates.

Students and staff of the AP University College and University of Antwerp need to go to sportuantwerpen.be for more information about the MOVE program.


The Sportsticker is only available for students and staff members of the University colleges of the Antwerp University Association (KdG & HZS), ITG, KUL Antwerp and Thomas More.

Students, staff of the University of Antwerp (+alumni), AP Antwerp University College, AMS and Linguapolis in possession of MOVE are aloud to participate in the complete Sportsticker program. More information at www.sportuantwerpen.be.

Attention: If you unsubscribe from your study program during the academic year, your Sportsticker will remain valid but you will no longer be insured.


€ 18 for students
€ 25 for staff

Most Flemish Health Insurance Agencies refund (€ 15 – € 25) your subscription fee. Fill in the form delivered together with your Sportsticker and submit it to your Health Insurance Agency.


  • Register from the 1st of July 2021:
    – Students / Staff of Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Thomas More Antwerp and KUL Antwerp click here.
    – Students / Staff of University Antwerp (+alumni),  AP University College, AMS and Linguapolis go to www.sportuantwerpen.be.
  • Pay online.
  • You receive a confirmation e-mail after your online payment with all information about the Sportsticker App and the refund form for your health insurance.
  • Download the app and login with your Sportsticker account.
  • You can use the app for two free fitness entries and one free swimming entry.


  • Group sessions: BBB, taebo, fatburner, strength & cardio, yoga, …
  • Weekly training: basketball, futsal, hockey, volleyball, …
  • Free venue use
  • Antwerp Students League (basketball, soccer, futsal, volleyball)
  • StartRunning

Take a look at our complete sports program.


  • Fitness / Antwerp 10 miles / climbing / tennis / karate


  • Free vouchers for one swimming and one fitness session.
  • Free tickets sport events