The Antwerp Students League 3×3 Basketball is a mixed competition. Students clubs as well as groups of friends are allowed to subscribe.

General information & subscriptions

Gather your own team of four players and sign up!


Subscriptions for the edition 2021-2022 will be opened from the 1st of September until the 17th of October.

to register your team?
– Go to the Sportaniserwebsite
– Fill in all the required fields and confirm your registration (check your incoming mails)
– Add the second, third and forth player to your team (go to your account and click on ‘Team’)
– Read carefully all the rules and be totally prepared!

Game Days


Are played on the time of your preference. You will arrange a date in dialogue with your opponents.
Start: from 18/10/2021
Finals: 23/12/2021


After the subscriptions are closed, you will receive an e-mail with the information about your opponents during the group stage. You will arrange a date, time and location for your game with your opponents yourself. This way, you are able to create your own calendar. The games of the group stage have to be played before a certain deadline. The same procedure applies for the knock-out phase.


Games are played at the time of your preference, in dialogue with your opponent(s).


Games are played at a location of your preference, in dialogue with your opponent(s). Possible locations are:


For up-to-date information, rules and results:
– Like our Facebookpage “Antwerp Students League

– Become a member of the Facebook group “ASL 3×3 Basketball

– Go to the website “Sportaniser


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Champions ASL 3×3 Basketball

  • Season
  • 2020-2021
  • 2019-2020
  • 2018-2019
  • Winner
  • Competition suspended
  • Stand Tall
  • AYO Ballerz


  • Apr 26
    10-Hour Run
  • May 16
    ASL Outdoor Finals
  • May 17
    ASL Indoor Finals