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For all activities at the UA Sports Hall City Campus you will need a finger scan to access the sports fields. This finger scan is a simple gesture controlled by the UA Sports Council.

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Universiteit Antwerpen
Sports location
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Limited Sportsoffer on:
27th of Februari untill 3th of March
3th of April untill 16th of April

Gesloten op
17th of April
1st of May

UA Sports Hall City Campus (CST)
Grote Kauwenberg 2, 2000 Antwerp

UA Sports council (fingerscan)
Room E 101
Opening hours: every weekday from 12h30 until 23h (friday until 20h) between 28/09/15 and 13/06/16.
Closed from 21/12/15 until 07/02/16 and 28/03/16 until 10/04/16.

Public transport:
At walking distance from the Franklin Roosevelt place