Welcome to Sportsticker! Below you can find all the information about Sportsticker. 


Sportsticker has the biggest sports offer for Antwerp students. During the academic year you can participate in weekly sport sessions, student competitions, events and you’re able to rent a gym.

Sportsticker is a digital sports card for students and staff members of Antwerp educational institutions , where you can get access to multiple sporting activities, sports partners, events and so much more via an application.


Students and staff members from the Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, KU Leuven Antwerp and Thomas More can buy a Sportsticker.


Students: € 18,00
Staff members: € 25,00

The Sportsticker gets fully or partially reimbursed depending on your health insurance company. You’ll receive the necessary form after your purchase. The sales starts as always on July 1st.


With Sportsticker, you get access to the complete sports offer for Antwerp students. The sports are completely free or very affordable.


The purchase of of Sportsticker can be done throughout the year, but it is only valid for one academic year. The old Sportsticker membership is valid until June 30th of the academic year and a new membership then starts again July 1st.


After the purhcase of Sportsticker, you will receive a link to the Sportsticker application. Via the app, you can get access to the different sports locations and discounts given by our sports partners. More infromation about the usage of the Sportsticker application, you can find here.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can contact us via info@sportsticker.be. After this, you will receive an alternative entry pass.