All indoor contact sports canceled from 14 October

Starting from Wednesday the 14th of October, all indoor contact sports will be canceled. Plus Pass will foresee more group session to replace all contact sports.

Overview changes sports program

  • Indoor contact sports are forbidden for minimum one month: basketball, boxing physics, futsal and volleyball.
  • The Antwerp Students League Futsal and 3×3 Basketball are canceled until further notice.
  • It is only possible to make a reservation for badminton and/or tennis during the free venue use (Wednesday & Saturday afternoon).
  • Contact sports will be replaced by group sessions (starting from Monday 19 October). Here you’ll find a temporary overview.
  • Registrations for our new group sessions will open on Friday the 17th of October.
  • We will adjust our website with up-to-date information later this week (as soon as all group sessions are confirmed).